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Teppanyaki Table

Teppanyaki, a captivating style of Japanese cuisine, involves skillfully cooking food on a hot iron griddle, or "teppan."... Our teppanyaki tables at Kasai showcase the artistry of our amazing chefs, who prepare an array of high-quality, premium ingredients. From thinly sliced filet mignon to succulent chicken, an assortment of seafood, fresh vegetables, and aromatic rice, every dish is a flavorful masterpiece. Seated around the center grill, guests of multiple parties witness the cooking process up close, immersed in the sizzling spectacle. With a mesmerizing blend of fire and impressive tricks, our skilled teppanyaki chefs create a dining experience like no other - a perfect fusion of delicious cuisine and entrancing dinnertainment, destined to delight all your senses.

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